Todays Reflection January 24

It’s true Lord that you are always thinking of us. From the beginning of time, before we existed, even before the world existed, you have been dreaming of me, thinking of me, loving me. And it is true that your love created me. It’s true Lord, that you have conceived for my life a unique destiny. It’s true that you have an eternal plan for me, a wonderful plan that you have always cherished in your heart, as a father thinks over the smallest detail of the life of his little one, still unborn. It’s true that, always bending over me, you guide me to bring your plan about, light on my path and strength for my soul. . .You the divine Attentive One, you, the divine Patient One, you the divine Present One, see that at no time I forget your presence. I don’t ask you to bless what I myself have decided to do, but give me the grace to discover and to live what you have dreamed for me.
– Father Michel Quoist


Today’s Reflection January 23

We must be ready to carry the burden of anyone whom we meet on our way, and who clearly needs help – not only those who deserve or seem to deserve help. Everyone is our “business” and Christ in everyone, potentially or actually, has a first claim on us, a claim that comes before all else. We are here on earth to help carry the cross of Christ, the Christ hidden in other men, and to help in whatever way we can. We may, like Simon, have literally a strong arm to give; we may help to do hard work, we may have material goods to give; we may have time, which we desperately want for our self, but which we must sacrifice for Christ in man; we may have only suffering . . . We do not look for Christ only in saints; we look for him, perceive him by faith, and try to help him, most of all in sinners. It is in sinners that Christ suffers most today, in them that his need is most urgent.

– Caryll Houselander

Today’s Reflection January 22

Father – with this word I express my certainty that someone is there who hears me, who never leaves me alone, who is always present. I express my certainty that God, despite the infinite difference between us, is such that I can speak to him, may even address him familiarly as “Thou.” His greatness does not overwhelm me. . .I am so important to him, I belong so closely to him, that I can rightly address him as Father. My being born is not a mistake, then, but a grace. . .I am wanted; not a child of chance or necessity, but of choice and freedom. Therefore I shall always have a purpose in life; there will always be a meaning for me, a task designed just for me, there is a conception of me that I can seek and find and fulfill.

– Pope Benedict XVI

Today’s Reflection January 21

Today it is the same Christ, the same Jesus, the same today in our poor people, who are unwanted, unemployed, uncared for, hungry and naked and homeless. They are considered to be useless to the state or to society, and nobody has time for them. And it is you and I as Christians who, worthy of that love of Christ, if our love is true, must find them. We must help them; they are there for the finding. Every day is a preparation for death. By realizing this, it helps somehow, because what the dying go through today, I will go through tomorrow. Death is nothing except going back to God, where he is and where we belong. Mother Teresa was a champion of the unwanted, from the outcast of Calcutta to the unwanted unborn of America. She was the genius of the little way of doing great things.

– Archbishop Charles Chaput

Today’s Reflection January 20

Oh God, infinite holiness, goodness and perfection, lead me to sanctity. Increase and refine my love. Turn it into a burning flame, a fiery furnace of love. Raise me above my mundane self. Do for me what I am unable to do for myself. Drown my pride, my selfishness and attachments in the abyss of the love and humility of thy Sacred Heart.

– Louis Kaczmarek

Today’s Reflection January 19

We have not deserved to pray; but God, in his goodness, has permitted us to speak to him. Our prayer is an incense which He receives with extreme pleasure. My children, your heart is poor and narrow; but prayer enlarges it, and renders it capable of loving God. Prayer is a foretaste of heaven, an overflow of paradise. It never leaves us without sweetness . . . Troubles melt away before a fervent prayer like snow before the sun.
– St. John Vianney

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Today’s Reflection January 18

It will be of great importance if you can leave aside your cares and spend the remainder of your life only in worshiping God. He requires no great matters of us; a little remembrance of him from time to time; a little adoration; sometimes to pray for his grace, sometimes to offer him your sufferings, and sometimes to return him thanks for the favors he has given you, and still gives you, in the midst of your troubles . . . Lift up your heart to him, sometimes even at your meals, and when you are in company; the least little remembrance will always be acceptable to him. You need not cry very loud; he is nearer to us than we are aware of.

– Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection

Today’s Reflection January 17

So long as we live in this world we cannot escape suffering and temptation. Whence it is written in Job: The life of man upon earth is a warfare (Job 7:1). . .Yet temptations, though troublesome and severe, are often useful to a man, for in them he is humbled, purified, and instructed. The saints all passed through many temptations and trials to profit by them, while those who could not resist became reprobate and fell away. There is no state so holy, no place so secret, that temptations and trials will not come. Man is never safe from them as long as he lives, for they come from within us. . .Often we do not know what we can stand, but temptation shows us what we are. Let us humble our souls under the hand of God in every trial and temptation for he will save and exalt the humble in spirit.

– Thomas à Kempis

Today’s Reflection January 16

The study of inspired Scripture is the primary way to learn what our duty is in life. In it, we find not only instruction about conduct, but also accounts of the lives of blessed men and women. . .If we devote  ourselves  to imitating  these  saints, then no matter which virtue we may feel  ourselves  lacking, we can find in Scripture, as if in a medical clinic, the proper  medicine  for our  particular  ailment. . .We’re  taught endurance by Job. He remained the  same when  the circumstances  of life  began to turn  against him. In one moment,  he  was  plunged  from  wealth  into poverty,  and  from  being  the  father  of beautiful  children  into  a  childless  man.  He  kept  the right  attitude in  his soul  all through these changes without being crushed. He wasn’t even stirred to anger against the friends who came to comfort him, but ended up trampling on  him  and  making  his  troubles  worse.  When  artists  paint  by  imitating  another  artist’s  work,  they  must  constantly  look  at  the  model, doing  their best  to transfer its features to their own work. in the same way, those who seek to perfect  themselves  in every  form of moral  excellence  must keep their eyes focused on  the  lives  of the saints. . .In this way, they can make the saints’ virtue their own by imitation.– St. Basil the Great

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Today’s Reflection January15

To keep ourselves spiritually alive we must constantly renew our faith. We are like pilots of fog bound steamers, peering into the gloom in front of us, listening for the sounds of other ships, and we can only reach our harbor if we keep alert. The spiritual life is, then, first of all a matter of keeping awake. We must not lose our sensitivity to spiritual inspirations. We must always be able to respond to the slightest warnings that speak, as though by a hidden instinct, in the depth of the soul that is spiritually alive.

Thomas Merton