Today’s Reflection June 29

It’s true Lord that you are always thinking of us. From the beginning of time, before we existed, even before the world existed, you have been dreaming of me, thinking of me, loving  me.  And it  is  true  that  your  love  created  me. It’s  true  Lord,  that you have conceived for my life a unique destiny. It’s true that you have an eternal plan for me, a wonderful plan that you have always cherished in your heart, as a father thinks over the smallest detail of the life of his little one, still unborn. It’s true that, always bending over me, you guide me to  bring your plan about, light  on my path and strength for my soul. You the divine Attentive One, you, the divine Patient One, you the divine Present One, see that at no time I forget your presence. I don’t  ask you to bless what I myself have decided to do, but give me the grace to  discover and to live what  you have  dreamed for me.

– Father Michel Quoist

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