A Blessing

I am of Cajun descent and I speak both English and some Cajun, although broken Cajun. My daddy died on December 8, 1990. However, on December 7th, at St. Mary’s Hospital in Port Arthur, Texas, while staying near daddy’s bedside, my husband and I witnessed daddy seeing someone come in to his room. My daddy’s eyes followed them to his bedside and he extended his hand and was very serious and very humbled by whoever it was that he saw and he commenced to speak to them. We knew that there was someone very holy and very powerful there and that also there was more than one person near him. The language my daddy was speaking is one I had not heard until this morning when my husband and I were listening to a recording of Padre Pio’s voice. I recognized it as the language my daddy was speaking. It was either that language or something very close to it. We just knew that there were some very holy people escorting him into eternal life. I have never seen my daddy become so humbled as he was that day. He died the next morning. I knew we were in the company of holiness, of saintliness and we were not hung out to dry. They were powerful and they knew God. I have known about Padre Pio for many years and I am wondering if it might have been Padre Pio who was there at my daddy’s bedside. What is hard for me is to see that I am worthy of Padre Pio coming to my aide and to my families’ aide. Thank you, Amen.

Mary Ellen Breaux Weisse

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