A Visit

I first saw Padre Pio in 1964 when my late husband and I were on pilgrimage. The first morning we attended his Mass, we were fortunate to sit on a side pew next to the altar and were able to observe him closely. Somehow I could see the heavy cross on his shoulder and I could not ask for any favors as I felt he would have to suffer still more to obtain a favor for me. However, I wanted my Rosary blessed. After Mass, the men gathered in another room to get Padre Pio’s blessing. I gave my Rosary to my husband and I knelt by the altar and in my prayer asked Padre Pio to bless my Rosary. When my husband returned I could see that he was visibly shaken. He said that Padre Pio was walking around the room from one man to the next and when he came to the opposite side of the room, he quickly turned around and walked straight up to my husband and placed his hand on my Rosary. My husband said that Padre Pio’s penetrating look into his eyes made his eyes almost hurt.

Mrs. C. Blasingame

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