I Had No More Pain

I had to have a very serious operation in which one of my kidneys was removed. As a result, I nearly died. After spending many weeks in the hospital, my doctor finally let me come home. My grandfather, who has already passed away, was deeply devoted to Padre Pio. I felt that I had come through the surgery by prayer and by faith. However, I was unable to walk, feed myself or do anything for myself. My mother was taking care of me and I was dependent on her for everything.

The pain and discomfort that I felt was almost unbearable and because of it, I had to take diamorphine several times a day. One day a neighbor came to the door. She asked my mother if she could see me. When she came in my bedroom I was surprised because I did not know her very well. I did know that she had a strong faith. She took a small box out of her bag and in it was a glove. She told me that it was Padre Pio’s glove. She pressed the glove against my side on the area where I had the operation. I do not know the circumstances of how my neighbor came into possession of Padre Pio’s glove. All I know is that from the moment she touched me with it, I had no more pain. I could walk and sit up. I was still weak but from that day forward I began to feel stronger. This experience has changed my life.

Caroline Millar

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