In Quezon City, Philippines, I Found a Prayer Pamphlet of Padre Pio

In the year 2000, 3 months after our wedding, we learned that my wife was pregnant. Like  other newly-wed couples, we were extremely delighted with the news. Thursday of that week, my wife went to the doctor. That day was a most difficult day for us as the doctor told us that she suspected an ectopic pregnancy. A sonogram revealed that it  was indeed true. The baby was growing in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus. We were devastated by the news. We decided to go to another clinic and have another sonogram done, just to be sure. The second sonogram revealed the same. We returned to my wife’s doctor who informed us that the pregnancy had to be terminated. The baby could not survive and my wife’s life was endangered as well. The doctor wanted to schedule the procedure for Monday.

Before we went home that day, we visited the Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Quezon City, Philippines. We prayed so hard hoping that a miracle would happen. As I was praying, I noticed a little prayer pamphlet in the church. It was a pamphlet about Padre Pio, with prayers and devotions. I had never heard of Padre Pio before. I showed the pamphlet to my wife and told her that we should pray and seek Padre Pio’s intercession. We prayed  to Padre Pio for the safety of our little one. We prayed that the baby would move towards the uterus. I began to feel confident that everything would be fine. Monday came and we postponed the procedure to terminate the preganancy. I went to work and shared our predicament with close friends. My Godmother told me to seek another opinion. We went to the doctor she recommended to us. He told us to postpone the procedure for one month and to continue to pray. After a prayerful month, we learned that the baby had moved towards the uterus. We received an answer to our prayers through the intercession of Padre Pio! Our first born child is a healthy 9 year old boy now. He is doing very well in school and is turning out to be a fine boy. His name is Pio! I thank God for letting us experience His presence in our family through St. Padre Pio. Today, we continue to pray and seek Padre Pio’s intercession for guidance.

Mike Cunanan

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