Today’s Reflection October 17

Slowly we begin to discover the treasures in silence. We hear the word of God in the milieu of silence. Out of that milieu, God spoke one word through which the world was created and redeemed. We are quietly receptive to this word and through it we gradually learn to be attentive to truth. What whets the appetite for spiritual nourishment? It is silence. When we become aware of this, a time for silence in our daily lives becomes essential. . . Meister Eckhart (14th century Christian mystic) wrote: “There is nothing more like God than silence.” We become content with the silence of God outside or inside of prayer. Through and in silence, we stand still before God and we find the beauty of his reality. The silence of God’s love is too great for any expression. The book of Wisdom tells us, When night was at its deepest point and all was stilled and silent, your word oh Lord, came down. To this word we listen, respond to love, and live and listen again.

-Carolyn Humphreys

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