Padre Pio was Welcoming Him

I had the honor of knowing a very wonderful man named Fred D’Angelo. Fred went to Mass everyday and he did this throughout his entire life. He lived in Lawrence, Massachusetts and I met him at my parish, “Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.” Fred lived in Italy in the 1940’s and he used to visit Padre Pio’s monastery. He served at the altar at Padre Pio’s Mass. He told me that one time he took a pair of Padre Pio’s gloves because he wanted to have a souvenir to remember him by. When Padre Pio was looking for his gloves one day, Fred admitted to him that he had taken them. Padre Pio told him that all he had to do was ask, and he would have given them to him. He told Fred never again to take anything that did not belong to him. Then he told him that he was forgiven. Fred also told me that Padre Pio was very annoyed by the crowds of people who constantly pressed in on him, trying to touch his habit, etc. Fred always had a special glow about him whenever he talked to me about Padre Pio.

Before Fred passed away, he had to go to a nursing home. He spent all of his time there in prayer and in the chapel saying his Rosary. He told me that Padre Pio had come to him in the hospital. Padre Pio was in a very large place, like a town. It was a pleasant place and everyone was friendly and welcoming. Padre Pio wanted Fred to join him there and was welcoming him. Shortly after that, Fred passed away.

Kay Bonanno

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