Someone was Speaking to Him, Urging Him to Make the Retreat

I have a brother who is full of anger, bitterness, resentment, hate, and selfishness. There is so much negativity in his body, mind and spirit. For two years I have been trying to get him to go on an ACTS retreat which is a wonderful Catholic four day retreat in our area in San Antonio, Texas. He finally decided to make the retreat and then two days before, on a Tuesday, my husband told me that he had changed his mind and was not going. I told my husband I was going to the computer to pray to Padre Pio and ask for his help and intercession. I went to the guestbook at and prayed to Padre Pio asking him to help my brother. The next day my brother had changed his mind again and had decided to go. He told me that he was sitting on his sofa at his apartment, thinking about his life, when he felt as though someone was speaking to him, urging him to make the retreat. When he returned from the four day retreat, he said that he had finally accepted Jesus into his life and he acknowledged that Jesus has always been there for him. He said that he just couldn’t see it before. He is now on fire for God and sharing his faith with others. I give thanks and praise to Padre Pio, Our Lord Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. Praise God! Thank you Padre Pio! We love you.

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