Testimony of Padre Agostino

Padre Agostino, Padre Pio’s Spiritual Director, left this recollection:

Padre Pio suffered and prayed for all and in a special way for the Vicar of Jesus Christ. Very often the Lord sends spiritual and bodily sufferings for the salvation and the good of souls. Padre Pio once told me that he had suffered for a particular individual for almost two months. He said to me, “I don’t know the reason for this, but I suffer.”

When I was getting ready to leave for Genoa for the hospital, I stopped to see Padre Pio and he was in bed. He told me, “My Father, go in peace, because you have someone who is praying and suffering for you.” I answered, “Let’s divide the suffering.” He replied, “Don’t give it another thought.” All went well with me at the hospital and all thanks are due to Padre Pio who suffered and prayed.

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