Today’s Reflection January 25

In the face of God’s designs, our attitude will be one of abandonment. To give ourselves to God, to place within his hands our personality, our own views, in order to accept his, such will be the order we follow . . . At present, God hides from me, certain of his designs over me. I ought to find it well that he hides them from me, without troubling myself. I do not know if I shall live a┬álong time, or if I shall die soon, if I shall remain in good health, or if sickness will weigh me down, if I shall keep my faculties, or if I shall lose them. And what am I to do? To lose myself in adoration. To adore God as Principle, as Wisdom, as Justice, as Infinite Goodness. To throw myself in his arms, like a child in the arms of its mother . . . I know that his adorable will plans my holiness. I must surrender myself entirely to his action, with faith, confidence and love.

– Blessed Columba Marmion

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