Today’s Reflection March 4

Jesus says, I thirst. The Missionary of Charity should answer, “I’ll quench.” The quenching will cost a good deal, for to satisfy completely an infinite thirst – it will mean a continual giving, a life of sacrifice. Therefore. . .our life should be one of giving love, of giving sacrifice to God, that is, of real sacrifices made of our own free will and choice. We quench his thirst – not because we must but because we love. We must observe our vows with great love and generosity, if we wish to quench this burning thirst of God. The observance of our four vows will make us fervent religious and fervent religious have a great power over the heart of God. If he rewards the quenching of physical thirst, think what will he not do for us, if we try to quench his own thirst – the thirst of his Heart.

– Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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