Today’s Reflection November 12

We look around us at a world of noise and frenzied activity, of blaring voices in the media clamoring for attention, and millions of daily words poured out in print demanding to be read. We see the streets of our cities crowded with people and moving vehicles. We look at the sky and see planes traveling at speeds that were not even dreamed of at the beginning of the last century. We find ourselves surrounded by human beings who are preoccupied with money and pleasure and having a good time, and then we wonder: How can a believer in Christ be his devoted follower in an age that seems to be oblivious to heaven and eternity and everything Jesus stands for? Here are two recommendations: Learn the secret of silence, and develop the art of mental prayer. Together, this will give us some idea of how Christ can, and must be followed in our day.

– Father John Hardon

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