Today’s Reflection September11

In 1985, at the invitation of Mayor Koch, Mother Teresa opened a home in New York City for men who were dying of AIDS. Four Missionaries of Charity Sisters dedicated themselves to caring for the fifteen dying men. Mother Teresa named the home, “Gift of Love.” The first to pass away there was a man named Harvey. He was a veteran of the Vietnam war and he also had a history of drug abuse. One day, Harvey told the Sisters that he would like to be baptized. A priest was summoned and with great joy, the Sisters witnessed the baptism. He also received the Last Rites. “It will be beautiful when you are in heaven,” one of the Sisters said. “Yes it will” Harvey replied. “I want to go to heaven but I don’t want to leave this home. I have experienced so much love and care here that I never want to leave this place.” One day, when one of the Sisters was reading the Psalms to him, Harvey passed away. Like many others who were fortunate enough to receive the help of Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity, Harvey had truly received a gift of love.

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