A Friend From Switzerland Advised me to Visit Padre Pio

I went to see Padre Pio in 1948 because I was suffering from a bad illness. Terrible pain had immobilized my right arm. I could neither work nor sleep and the pain intensified when I tried to rest in bed. The remedies prescribed by my doctor were totally ineffective and I became desperate. I had a family to look after and I was at the point where I could do almost nothing. I lost my appetite and became weaker with each passing day.

A friend from Switzerland brought me a picture of Padre Pio and advised me to visit him at his monastery in San Giovanni Rotondo. It was a journey of more than 560 miles but I decided to make the trip. I took two friends with me who were also burdened with many problems. We knew almost nothing about Padre Pio but we decided to go anyway. On the trip, there was a mix up and because of it, we had to spend the night in San Marco in Lamis even though we were not intending to. That night, to my great surprise, I found that I was able to rest in bed. My companions were also very surprised at the improvement in my condition.

At the monastery of Our Lady of Grace, I was able to make my confession to Padre Pio. His words calmed me and at the end he said, “Go, for from me you have no more need of anything.” I kissed his hand and left the confessional and the emotion of that great experience stayed with me all day. On the trip back to my home, I found that I was able to carry my suitcase with no difficulty. When I arrived at my home, my arm was completely healed. I had no more pain and I had gained back all of my physical strength.

Ida Giusti

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