A Special Grace

A few years ago my brother Louis took seriously ill. My mother begged, pleaded and implored Padre Pio to save him but it was not to be. He died after much suffering. My mother said that she had lost all faith in Padre Pio and she would not pray to him anymore. My brother looked after the ice cream manufacturing side of our business when he was alive. For years he could make no progress although he worked seven days a week, very long hours, but nothing would go right. Then he passed away. My son and my brother’s son-in-law took over the business and they also tried all they knew to make it a success. We all tried – family, friends, and new management. The business went from bad to worse. We decided to sell out and get what we could for the machinery, the building, etc. to try and pay off the bank and the debts. We were facing bankruptcy if we carried on. Then I had a beautiful dream about Padre Pio. In my dream the face of Padre Pio was so clear and so happy. He had my brother with him and he said, “Everything is all right now.” From that day on the business has gotten stronger and stronger. Customers old and new seem to come from nowhere. So many so, that this season we had to buy more machinery, new refrigerators and employ new people. To some this is unbelievable, but not to me.

R. Luscardi

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