A Healing Touch

In July, 1956, while traveling in Spain, I contracted amoebic dysentery. I became progressively ill, but did not seek medical attention until about ten days later when I was in San Giovanni Rotondo. I had come there with my mother to attend Padre Pio’s Mass. After Mass I went to Padre Pio’s hospital, “The Home for the Relief of Suffering.” A wonderful doctor, Dr. Pietro Melillo, attended to me every day. The doctor’s examination also revealed that I had an abscess on the liver. I suffered with fever, chills, and pain. One day when the doctor examined me, I had a very high fever and a weak heart beat. I was gravely ill. As he left my bedside to discuss my condition with my mother, I felt as though a fresh, cool breeze had passed over me. The weight of pain and fever had left me and I suddenly felt free and comfortable and alive. I called the doctor and told him I felt well. He saw the transformation in my condition. He took my temperature and pulse again. Both were perfectly normal. Then the doctor told my mother and me that he realized the gravity of my condition and had spoken to Padre Pio about me. He asked the holy priest if he could touch his wound and in turn come and touch me. Padre Pio permitted it and the doctor hurried from the monastery to touch me with those hands which had just touched the blessed stigmata. The doctor, my mother and myself had no doubt that my recovery was instantaneous and extraordinary.

Estelle Hartnett

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