I Felt as if a Great Burden Had Been Lifted

I recently went to the Catholic women’s prayer breakfast, the Magnificat. The talk that was given was on Padre Pio. After the talk, some of the relics of Padre Pio were there for veneration. I touched my Rosary to the relics and as I did so I felt a kind of jolt in my body. I felt very light as if a great burden had been lifted off of me. At the same time I thought of my mother. My mother was very much into the occult. She was always trying to get me involved in it too but I refused. Even so, I have always felt this hanging over me. All of my life I’ve looked for ways to be rid of this feeling but to no avail. When I touched the relic of Padre Pio, I felt at last that I was released from the darkness that I often felt around me. I feel totally renewed. My friend who was with me said, “Look how your Rosary is shining.” I looked at it then and the crystals were indeed shining. The silver too looked different. It looked brand new. The Rosary had been given to me by my mother more than fifty years ago. Thank you, God.

Elva Eastman

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