Nervous Breakdown

I made a novena to Padre Pio about four weeks ago for my brother. For the last seven years he has been homebound after having a nervous breakdown. He had been on medication and seeing a psychiatrist on a regular basis. Instead of getting better he was getting worse. He stopped going out completely. We were all concerned for him as he is only 34 years old and living the life of a recluse while being dependent on my elderly parents. I made the novena as suggested. One day after the novena (my mother did not know that I made this novena) my mother informed me that my brother had actually gone out on his own for a walk and then a few days later he went for a drive with my mother. This was a giant step from how he was before. His doctor is very impressed with his improvement and has cut back his medication. He is now going for walks on his own. He is actually driving alone now and even talking of trying to seek employment. This is truly a miracle.

Name Withheld

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