Todays Reflection May 3

I recommend that you give an hour each day to personal prayer – to being with Him whom we know loves us. It is in this kind of prayer that the Holy Spirit can impart interior peace, which enables us to endure in the face of overwhelming and unsolvable problems . . . And so, in a difficult time we should not forget that the great works of God have been accomplished in darkness. The people fled Egypt in the darkness; they crossed the Red Sea in the darkness; the Lord Jesus was born in Bethlehem in the darkness of night; he gave us the Eucharist and the priesthood in the darkness of the Last Supper; he died on the Cross when the Gospel says, darkness covered the earth. He lay in the darkness of the tomb. On the third day, he rose again in the darkness, and the empty tomb was discovered “early in the morning while it was still dark.” God is at work even in the darkness.

– Archbishop John Quinn

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