Today’s Reflection February 3

Jesus, Master, sanctify my mind and increase my faith. Jesus, teaching in the Church, draw everyone to yourself. Jesus, Master, deliver me from error, empty thoughts and eternal blindness. Jesus, Way between the Father and ourselves, I offer you everything and await all from you. Jesus, Way of sanctity, help me to imitate you faithfully. Jesus, Way, may I respond wholeheartedly to the Father’s call to holiness. Jesus, Life, live in me so that I may live in you. Jesus, Life, do not ever permit anything to separate me from you. Jesus, Life, grant that I may live eternally in the joy of your love. Jesus, Truth, may you shine in the world through me. Jesus, Way, may I be a faithful mirror of your example for others. Jesus, Life, may I be a channel of your grace and consolation to others.

– Father James Alberione

Today’s Reflection February 2

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. He waits for you in the ciborium, your Friend of yesterday; the Friend whose intimacy you have so often forgotten, and more than once have even betrayed. All that he has forgiven you, as a friend does . . . Your Friend yesterday – Your Friend today, when you are so little conscious of the need for such a friendship . . . His love, so little felt and so little realized, is strengthening itself in your heart, waiting for the day when you will need it more. Your Friend today, your Friend forever . . . His friendship will remain unaltered; His presence in the Blessed Sacrament will still wait for you, the same as ever . . . And at last when death comes, all earthly ties must slip away from you, even then this Friendship will be yours . . . Your Friend forever.

– Monsignor Ronald Knox

Today’s Reflection February 1

We must not drift away from the humble works because these are the works that nobody will do. It is never too small. Even if you write a letter for a blind man or you just go and sit and listen or you take the mail for them or you visit somebody or bring a flower to somebody – small things . . . Very humble work, that is where you and I must be. For there are many people who can do big things but there are very few people who will do the small things. It is the small things that Sisters and Brothers do. We can do very little for the people, but at least they know that we love them and that we care for them and that we are at their disposal.

– Mother Teresa of Calcutta


Today’s Reflection January 31

That Samaritan of ours, namely Christ . . . took pity on him (the man lying on the roadside) when he was passing the same way . . . He lifted him up from the ground, and placed him on his own mount . . . And so you must beware of ever becoming conceited about your own merits. You didn’t have any, after all, when the Lord came to pick you up. In fact he found you naked, without any clothes; he found you beaten up, not in good health; he found you lying on the ground, not standing on your own feet; he discovered you straying, not returning on your own . . . You see, when you say . . . “The Lord is my guide,” you will confidently be able to add, “and I will lack nothing”. . .

St. Augustine


Today’s Reflection January 30

We all work for results. We do not perhaps recognize the aim of our strivings at success. But we want to see our work issue in results which will gratify us and bring commendation or notice to us. We can do this even in the pursuit of holiness. But to work for results is not the same as to do God’s will. This attitude of mind is due partly to our criterion of success . . . It is due partly to our pride . . . God has given us this life for one purpose, that is to prepare for the vision of him hereafter. This means that he expects us to use life to bring about a radical change within ourselves. This change involves principally that we learn to do his will because it is his will. That is holiness. Anything else is a form of self-seeking. We do not say that it is sinful, but it is selfish. And it will not sanctify us.

– Father Nivard Kinsella, O.C.S.O.

Today’s Reflection January 29

Complete freedom from fear is one of those things we owe wholly to Our Lord. To be afraid is to do him a double injury. First, it is to forget him, to forget that that he is with us, that he loves us and is himself almighty, and second it is to fail to bend to his will. If we shape our will to his, as everything that happens is either willed or allowed by him, we shall find joy in whatever happens, and shall never be disturbed or afraid.

Charles de Foucauld


Today’s Reflection January 28

Usually it is those who know Him (God) that bring Him to others. That is why the Church, the whole body of Christians showing Him to one another, is so important. . .At first it is natural for a baby to take its mother’s milk without knowing its mother. It is equally natural for us to see the man who helps us without seeing Christ behind him. But we must not remain babies. We must go on to recognize the real Giver. It is madness not to. Because, if we do not, we shall be relying on human beings. And that is going to let us down. The best of them will make mistakes; all of them will die. We must be thankful to all the people who have helped us; we must honor them and love them. But never, never pin your whole faith on any human being, not if he is the best and wisest in the whole world. There are lots of nice things you can do with sand, but do not try building a house on it.

C.S. Lewis

Today’s Reflection January 27

Today we are all well aware that the word “heaven” does not designate a place beyond the stars but something much greater and more difficult to express, namely, that God has a place for us and that God gives us eternity….God never passes away, and we all exist because he loves us, because he brought us into existence by his creative act. His love is the foundation of our eternity….It is his love that makes us immortal, and this immortality, this abiding love, is what we call “heaven.” Heaven, then, is none other than the certainty that God is great enough to have room even for us. Nothing that we treasure or value will be destroyed. As we ponder all this, let us ask the Lord on this day to open our eyes ever more fully to it; to make us not only people of faith but also people of hope, who do not look to the past but rather build for today and tomorrow a world that is open to God.

– Pope Benedict XVI


Today’s Reflection January 26

Remember that you have only one soul; that you have only one death to die; that you have only one life, which is short and has to be lived by you alone; and that there is only one glory, which is eternal. If you remember this, there will be many things about which you care nothing.
-St. Teresa of Avila

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Today’s Reflection January 25

In the face of God’s designs, our attitude will be one of abandonment. To give ourselves to God, to place within his hands our personality, our own views, in order to accept his, such will be the order we follow . . . At present, God hides from me, certain of his designs over me. I ought to find it well that he hides them from me, without troubling myself. I do not know if I shall live a long time, or if I shall die soon, if I shall remain in good health, or if sickness will weigh me down, if I shall keep my faculties, or if I shall lose them. And what am I to do? To lose myself in adoration. To adore God as Principle, as Wisdom, as Justice, as Infinite Goodness. To throw myself in his arms, like a child in the arms of its mother . . . I must surrender myself entirely to his action, with faith, confidence and love.
– Blessed Columba Marmion

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