Today’s Reflection February 24

It is in time that I am able to do good to my neighbor, that I am able to love and help him. . . It is only along the path of my passing days that I am able to meet the suffering soul and to give a word of comfort and hope. Time is valuable, because it offers me the possibility to do good. Certainly upright Christian sentiment, knowledge, love and praise of God will continue in eternity, but they will be proportional to our knowledge, love and praise in time. . .Time is valuable because it offers me the possibility to prepare myself for eternity.

– Father Gerardo di Flumeri

Today’s Reflection February 23

 Jesus, our Savior, true God and true Man, must be the ultimate end of all our devotions. He’s the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End of everything. In him alone dwell the entire fullness of the Divinity and the complete fullness of grace, virtue, and perfection. In him alone we’ve been blessed with every spiritual blessing. He’s the only Teacher from whom we must learn, the only Lord on whom we should depend, the only One to whom we should be united, and the only Model we should imitate. He’s the only Physician who can heal us; the only Shepherd who can feed us; the only Way that can lead us; the only  Truth  that  we  can  believe; the only  Life  that  can  animate  us. He alone is everything to us, and he alone can satisfy all our desires. We’re given no other name under the heavens by which we can be saved. God has laid no other foundation than Jesus for our salvation,  perfection,  and glory. Every  edifice that  isn’t  built on  that  firm  rock  is founded upon shifting sands and will certainly fall sooner or later. Every one of the faithful who isn’t united to him is like a branch broken from the stem of the vine. . .Neither angels in heaven nor men on earth, nor demons in hell, no creature whatever can harm us, for no creature can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

  St.  Louis de Montfort

Today’s Reflection February 22

I ask thee, O God, not for the goods of this world, for pleasures, for honors. Give me, by the merits of thy Passion, O my Jesus, a constant sorrow for my sins. Enlighten me and make me know the vanity of worldly goods and how much you deserve to be loved. Separate me from all attachment to the world and bind me entirely to thy love, so that from now on my will may neither seek nor desire anything but what you will. Give me patience and resignation in infirmities, in poverty, and in all those things which are contrary to my self-love. Make me gentle toward those who despise me. Give me a holy death. Give me your holy love. And above all, I pray to you to give me perseverance in your grace until death. Never permit me to separate myself from you again. And I also ask of you the grace always to have recourse to you and to invoke your aid in all my temptations. Amen

– St. Alphonsus Liguori

Today’s Reflection February 21

Precisely because our secular milieu offers us so few spiritual disciplines, we have to develop our own. We have, indeed, to fashion our own desert where we can withdraw every day, shake off our compulsions, and dwell in the gentle healing presence of our Lord. Without such a desert we will lose our own soul while preaching the gospel to others, but with such a spiritual abode, we will become increasingly conformed to him in whose name we minister . . . Solitude is its own end. It is the place where Christ remodels us in his own image and frees us from the victimizing compulsions of the world. Solitude is the place of our salvation. – Henri Nouwen

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Today’s Reflection February 20

Trials are not only good for us, but necessary for our spiritual growth, especially if endured with the right disposition. During hard times, God helps us see that control is really an illusion. We’re not in charge. Our lives don’t even belong to us. We would cease to exist if the Holy Spirit stopped actively sustaining our existence, even for one second . . . God is more responsible for our lives than we are. Our job is to listen, humble ourselves, work hard and not get in his way.

– Anonymous

Today’s Reflection February 19

Prayer is a gift. It is a gift because Christian prayer is based on our knowing the Lord Jesus Christ and on our having the power of the Holy Spirit that will stir and anoint us, and move through us in prayer. Prayer is based on our being part of the Body of Christ and standing with Jesus in prayer . . . We should desire prayer. We should thirst for it, seek after it, make decisions for it and repent when we don’t live up to those decisions. The gift of prayer is given to us so we can be in union with God. Prayer can transform our mind and inspire us so that in no situation, do we give way to discouragement or depression. Prayer is meant to be the assurance that we cannot be overcome. In all circumstances we can say, “I belong to God. I’m royalty. I have the first pledge of my inheritance. Regardless of what happens to me, I am in the company of the saints and the apostles and I am destined to live forever.” Because of our prayer life, we are victorious.

– Father Michael Scanlan, T.O.R.

Today’s Reflection February 18

In John’s Gospel, the Lord says, I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. Life in abundance is not as some think: to consume everything, to have all, to be able to do all that one wants. In that case we would live for inanimate things, we would live for death. . .On their return, prisoners of war who had been in Russia for ten years or more, exposed to cold and hunger, said: “I was able to survive because I knew I was expected home. I knew that people were looking forward to my return home, that I was necessary and awaited.” This love that awaited them was the effective medicine of life against all ills. In reality, we are all awaited. The Lord waits for us; and not only does he wait for us, he is present and stretches out his hand to us. Let us take the Lord’s hand and pray to him to grant that we may truly live, live the abundance of life.

– Pope Benedict XVI


Today’s Reflection February 17

Christianity is more about our undoing than our pulling it together. It’s the unraveling of our grandiose plans. The collapsing of our defenses. The slow release of the reins in our tightly clenched fists. The seed falling to the ground to die. The failure to build a mighty tower reaching to heaven. For every few steps we progress, God reveals how many miles we have yet to go. So let us persevere in offering a sacrifice of surrender, for the salvation of our own souls and for those around us.

– Anonymous

Today’s Reflection February 16

The healing power of the Spirit is a quiet, gentle power. He makes die in us all the fears, the desire to possess or to destroy, the hurts and the frustrations, all the power which wants to dominate. There is a growth in the power of listening, the power of compassion, of patience, of learning to wait for the hour of God. We learn to surrender to the power of the Spirit and the power of God, to stop agitating, to let God take over our lives, to abandon ourselves to the Supreme Healer . . . There is a fundamental healing that must take place before we really can listen to the music of reality, before we can listen to people without fear, before we can listen to the Spirit. Jesus the Healer comes when we are conscious that we need a healer; when we become conscious of our own egoism, all the anarchy of desire, all the fears, all the cowardice and weakness, all the need for human security that incites us to possess. It is only when we become conscious of our weakness and our fears that we can begin to grow in union with the Spirit.

– Jean Vanier

Today’s Reflection February 15

Thank you Jesus, for bringing me this far. In your light, I see the light of my life. Your teaching is brief and to the point. You persuade us to trust in our Heavenly Father. You command us to love one another. What is easier than to believe in God? What is sweeter than to love him? Your yoke is pleasant, your burden is light. You promise everything to those who obey your teaching. You ask nothing that is too hard for a believer, nothing a lover can refuse. Your promises to your disciples are true; nothing but the truth. Thank you Jesus, now and always. Amen

– St. Nicholas of Cusa