Today’s Reflection April 13

Our humanity is called to be transformed by God, our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh, so that the ecstasy of life, light, and love becomes ours. . .Then Jesus reveals to his disciples that he is the new temple where God resides. . .After that Jesus does not lead his followers to a school of learning but to people in pain. He reveals to them the compassion in his own heart toward the poor, the broken, the oppressed, and how he comes to bring them life and hope: a good news. He takes them first to a poor woman. . . who is alone and lonely and who feels guilty; she has lived already with five different men. Then they meet a poor father, crushed by pain; his little boy is dying. Then they go to the local psychiatric hospital or asylum, the pool of Bethesda, where “there were crowds of sick people: blind, lame, and paralyzed.” I myself have visited many such places in our world; they are the places where all the unwanted are dumped. I am touched that this is one of the first places Jesus brings his disciples to, so that they may meet people who are broken, rejected, and in pain, and discover how he sees them, is close to them and loves them. Then the disciples begin to experience their own hearts opening up in compassion.

– Jean Vanier

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