Today’s Reflection April 3

The book of John tells us that Jesus was tired after his journey and sat down by the well. Jesus’ thirst reveals the thirst God has for us. Because God thirsts for us, he sent his beloved Son to look for us. Jesus goes wherever thirsty people can be found and invites them to drink deeply from springs of water that will never run dry. He offers us water that will bubble up within us when life stresses us and leaves us parched. The request that Jesus made of the Samaritan woman: Give me a drink (John 4:7), he makes of us today. This request expresses the passion of God for every human being. God wishes to awaken in each human heart, the desire for the gift of a spring of water within, welling up for eternal life. This is the gift of the Holy Spirit, who transforms us into true worshipers, capable of praying to the Father in spirit and truth. Only this water is capable of satisfying our thirst for goodness, truth and beauty. Only this water can irrigate the desert of our restless and parched soul, until it finds rest in God.

– Father Jerome Machar, O.C.S.O.



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