Today’s Reflection December 21

Advent is the season. . .of the growth of Christ, of Divine Love growing in silence. It is the season of humility, silence, and growth. If we have truly given our humanity to be changed into Christ, it is essential to us that we do not disturb this time of growth. It is a time of darkness, of faith. We shall not see Christ’s radiance in our lives yet; it is still hidden in our darkness. Nevertheless, we must believe that he is growing in our lives. We must believe it so firmly that we cannot help relating everything, literally everything, to this almost incredible reality. It is this attitude which makes every moment of every day and night a prayer. . .It is not only in work, in the realization of faith, and in conscious prayer that we need the season of Advent; we need it in suffering, in joy, and in thought. We need it in everything that is to bear fruit in our lives.

– Caryll Houselander



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