Today’s Reflection February 18

In John’s Gospel, the Lord says, I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. Life in abundance is not as some think: to consume everything, to have all, to be able to do all that one wants. In that case we would live for inanimate things, we would live for death. . .On their return, prisoners of war who had been in Russia for ten years or more, exposed to cold and hunger, said: “I was able to survive because I knew I was expected home. I knew that people were looking forward to my return home, that I was necessary and awaited.” This love that awaited them was the effective medicine of life against all ills. In reality, we are all awaited. The Lord waits for us; and not only does he wait for us, he is present and stretches out his hand to us. Let us take the Lord’s hand and pray to him to grant that we may truly live, live the abundance of life.

– Pope Benedict XVI


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