Today’s Reflection March 18

If only we could actuate this right thinking in answering our daily calls, we would widen a spiritual horizon, a vista so beautiful . . . He is asking for patience, that we may come to him who bore all our infirmities without complaint. He is offering an opportunity for meekness and humility, that we may deepen our communication with Jesus, who is meek and humble of heart . . . This is what we mean by “call.” Not a call to do this or to do that, to suffer this or to give up that, but always a call to come to God. Thus we come to pray, “In the hour of my death, call me,” knowing that he will, and for the same reason that he has called me all during my life – that I may come to him . . . When God calls us, it is for a reason, particularly in that dearest final call, which will be made because he just wants to see us. We can help one another remember, by our manner of living, that God has always the same elemental reason for each of his calls, whether in life or death: that we may come to him. This is what we want to do: understand every call.

– Mother Mary Francis, P.C.C.

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