Today’s Reflection January 13

To those who are just and upright, trials become helps. Job, a man of discernment, was victorious in trials. Sickness came upon him, but he didn’t complain. Disease afflicted him, but he didn’t murmur. His body failed and his strength left him, but his will wasn’t weakened. By his sufferings he proved himself perfect in every way, because the trials didn’t crush him. . . See then, you who are wise, the power that lies in being free to choose how we’ll respond to our circumstances. . . Don’t seek a place of repose in this life, for this is a world of toil. And if you can discern wisely, don’t give up the next life for this one. Don’t trade what lasts forever for what doesn’t last, what comes to an end for what never ends. Don’t exchange the truth for a lie, the body for a mere shadow, alertness for sleep. Don’t trade what’s in season for what’s out of season, nor eternity for times that are passing away. Focus your mind so that it won’t wander along various paths that ultimately are of no profit to you.

St. Ephrem

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