Today’s Reflection January 14

Bless me, Jesus, and bless me altogether, my soul, my body, my senses, and my faculties. Bless especially my tongue, that it may only speak for your glory. Bless my eyes, that they may not look at anything that might tempt me to displease you. Bless my taste that it may not offend you by intemperance; and bless all the members of my body, that they may all serve you and not offend you. Bless my memory, that it may always remember your love and the favors you have accorded me. Bless my understanding, that it may know your goodness and the obligation I have of loving you; and that it may see all that I must avoid and all that I must do, to conform myself to your holy will. Above all, bless my will, that it may love no other but you, the infinite good, that it may seek for nothing but to please you and may take delight in nothing but what conduces to your glory.

– St. Alphonsus Liguori

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