Today’s Reflection February 23

Jesus, our Savior, true God and true Man, must be the ultimate end of all our devotions. He’s the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End of everything. In him alone dwell the entire fullness of the Divinity and the complete fullness of grace, virtue, and perfection. In him alone we’ve been blessed with every spiritual blessing. He’s the only Teacher from whom we must learn, the only Lord on whom we should depend, the only One to whom we should be united, and the only Model we should imitate. He’s the only Physician who can heal us; the only Shepherd who can feed us; the only Way that can lead us; the only  Truth  that  we  can  believe; the only  Life  that  can  animate  us. He alone is everything to us, and he alone can satisfy all our desires. We’re given no other name under the heavens by which we can be saved. God has laid no other foundation than Jesus for our salvation,  perfection,  and glory. Every  edifice that  isn’t  built on  that  firm  rock  is founded upon shifting sands and will certainly fall sooner or later. Every one of the faithful who isn’t united to him is like a branch broken from the stem of the vine. . .Neither angels in heaven nor men on earth, nor demons in hell, no creature whatever can harm us, for no creature can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. Amen
St. Louis de Montfort

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