Today’s Reflection February 28


Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity established one of their religious houses in the city of Rome. There they ministered to the shut-ins and the poor in the area. On one occasion, the Sisters visited an elderly man who was in great need. They cleaned his house and cooked for him. He watched the Sisters while they worked but did not say a word. They returned the second day and performed the same service for the man. Again, the man watched the Sisters but remained silent. On the third day, when the Sisters came to his door, he spoke to them for the first time and said, ‘Sisters, you have brought God into my life. Do you think you could arrange for a priest to come to my house? I want to make my confession.’ The man had not been to confession in more than 60 years. The Sisters were very happy and arranged for a priest to come to his home. The man made a good confession and died the following day.


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