Today’s Reflection January 2

O Jesus, I see this new year as a blank page that your Father is giving me, upon which he will write day by day what he has arranged for me in hisdivine pleasure. With full confidence I am writing at the top of the page from now on, ‘Lord, do with me what you will.’ And at the bottom I have already put my ‘amen’ to every disposition of your divine will. Yes, O Lord, I say ‘yes’ to all the joys, to all the sorrows, to all the graces, to all the hardships that you have prepared for me and which you will be revealing to me day by day. Let my ‘amen’ be the Paschal amen, always followed by alleluia, uttered with all my heart.
– Sister Carmela of the Holy Spirit

Padre Pio Devotions Latest Book:
They Walked with God Book 2: St. Teresa of Calcutta, St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe, St. John Bosco

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