Today’s Reflection June 24

We believe that doing little things for God is as much a way of loving him as doing great deeds. Besides, we are not very well informed about the greatness of our acts. There are nevertheless two things we know for sure: first, whatever we do can’t help but be small; and second, whatever God does is great. And so we go about our activities with a sense of great peace. We know that all our work consists in not shifting about under grace; in not choosing what we would do; and that it is God who acts through us. There is nothing difficult for God; the one who grows anxious at difficulties is the one who counts on his own capacity for action . . . Our feet march upon a street, but our heartbeat reverberates through the whole world. That is why our small acts . . . perfectly join together the love of God and the love of our neighbor . . . And thus life becomes a celebration.

– Madeleine Delbrel

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