Today’s Reflection March 13


While we all hear many voices in our lives, it is critical to our spiritual health that we listen first and foremost to the voice of Jesus Christ. The goal of our lives is not to meet the expectations of our parents, friends, spouses, children and others. We are called to follow Jesus Christ and carry out his mission of love, generosity and compassion in this world. Lent is a great time to refocus our attention on Jesus – to listen to him through the teachings of the Church, through scripture, and through our service. Lent isa time to listen through our own experience and to try to discern the voice of God amid all the other voices that we hear each day. And Lent also challenges us to avoid letting anyother person or institution take the place of God in our lives. No matter how well intended our friends and family are, they are not God. Jesus is God’s son. The challengeof Lent is to listen to him.

– Bill Peatman


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