Today’s Reflection March 15

Christ, who identified himself with sinners . . .turned to sinners as much as to saints for help. He was grateful for the help of the thief on the cross, the generosity of this derelict, dying man who acknowledged Christ’s goodness when those who knew him well had fled. Even when he was dead, he accepted his tomb, the place where his body should rest, from Nicodemus, the hesitating, careful man who dared only to come to him under cover of darkness. There is no exemption from the love of Christ in one another, or from sharing the cross. There is no moment when, if we meet one whose burden is too heavy, we may delay in helping him to carry it. It is not for those who are good alone to help Christ; it is most of all for sinners, for the weak, the hesitating, even the selfish . . . Every day, hidden under our sins, abject in his need, Christ says to the sinners who put out a hand or speak a word to help him: This day you shall be with me in Paradise.
– Caryll Houselander

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