Today’s Reflection November 15

Mother Teresa and her Sisters visited the very poor and infirm in their homes in Australia. One elderly man that they visited was very much alone and isolated. Mother Teresa offered to clean his house for him because it was disorderly and dirty but he told her it wasn’t necessary. Finally, she convinced him to let her do so. She washed his clothes, made his bed and cleaned the house. While she was cleaning, she found a beautiful lamp covered in dust among his possessions. She asked him if he ever lit the lamp. ‘I have not had a visitor for years and years. There is no reason for me to light the lamp,’ he said. ‘But if the Sisters came to visit you every evening, would you light the lamp?’ she asked. ‘Of course, I would,’ the man replied. Mother Teresa cleaned the lamp and arranged for her Sisters to visit the man every evening. He began to look forward to their visits and always had the lamp lit for them. Two years passed and Mother Teresa forgot about the incident. One day, she received a message from the man. He said, ‘Tell my friend, Mother Teresa, that the light she lit in my life is still burning.’

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