Today’s Reflection November 8

Jesus, Master, sanctify my mind and increase my faith. Jesus, teaching in the Church, draw everyone to yourself. Jesus, Master, deliver me from error, empty thoughts and eternal blindness. Jesus, Way between the Father and ourselves, I offer you everything and await all from you. Jesus, Way of sanctity, help me to imitate you faithfully. Jesus, Way, may I respond wholeheartedly to the Father’s call to holiness. Jesus, Life, live in me so that I may live in you. Jesus, Life, do not ever permit anything to separate me from you. Jesus, Life, grant that I may live eternally in the joy of your love. Jesus, Truth, may you shine in the world through me. Jesus, Way, may I be a faithful mirror of your example for others. Jesus, Life, may I be a channel of your grace and consolation to others.

– Father James Alberione


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