Today’s Reflection September 13

Patience is long-suffering in injuries, which it endures without trying to return them and without any display of temper. Just as God holds back his anger and delays his punishments in order to give sinners time to repent, so also his sons and daughters must overcome their resentment and silence their desire for revenge. Only great love and great humility can give such a victory, especially since Christian patience must be practiced toward everyone and in every possible way. It presupposes great strength of soul. . .Because his patience makes him merciful to those who offend him and courageous in adversity, he lives in interior peace. . .Patience is never bitter. . .If charity is patient in all the irritating happenings of everyday life, it must be by participation through the Holy Spirit, in God’s patience and in imitation of Christ’s patience.

– Father Ceslaus Spico, O.P.

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