Today’s Reflection September 22

The whole plan of our spiritual life is a loving union and intimate partnership with Jesus in which we return him love for love . . . In giving himself to us, he gives us his Holy Spirit to dwell in our souls, as a permanent friend and source of strength and light . . . He has made the whole spiritual life a partnership with himself, making us part of himself, and he has reduced our share in the work of the partnership to a minimum. In fact, to repeat Father Clerissac’s words: “It is our emptiness and trust that he needs, not our plentitude.” All he asks is that we put our faith and hope in him, that we love him with our whole heart, that we renounce our own pretended strength and our foolish plans by humility and abandonment; he will do the rest.

– Father Eugene Boylan, O.C.S.O.

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