Today’s Reflection October 22

Though Christ called himself ‘the way,’ in another sense he’s our end, our destination. Don’t settle down somewhere on the way so that you never come to the end. Whatever else you come to on life’s journey, pass on by it, until you come to the end, Christ himself. Some seek money. Don’t let it be your end. Pass on by, like a traveler in a foreign land. For if you love money, you’ll be entangled by greed. And greed will be like chains on your feet. You won’t be able to make any more progress along the way. . .You seek honors. Perhaps you seek them in order to accomplish something that pleases God. If so, don’t love the honor itself. Otherwise, you might stop there. Do you seek praise? If you seek God’s praise, then you do well – but not if you seek your own praise. You’re stopping short along the way. See, brothers and sisters, how many things we pass on life’s journey that aren’t the end. These we may make use of along the road, taking a break – but then we must travel on.

-St. Augustine

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